We're Married!

Jana Marie Braun and Matthew James Renzelmann are now married. Really. Thank you all for coming!

After months of careful research, Matt wrote a big fat check for a blue diamond roughly the same age as their relationship. Shortly after receipt of said diamond, he popped the big question on September 24, 2011. Having caught Jana in a moment of weakness, she actually said yes.

Update July 13, 2012: Jana and Matt are moving to Milwaukee. It's rather tedious since Jana's working 15 hour days and Matt wants to graduate, but we promise we'll be sending thank you notes to everyone eventually. Photos from the wedding will be available near the end of July.

Update June 18, 2012: Jana and Matt were married on June 16, 2012 at the White Rose. This website will be updated further in the future.

Update June 18, 2012: We made an error in the wine box ceremony so Ray, the officiant, never said one important detail. After the five-year annivsary, we not only open the wine and read the love notes, but also (this is the new part) put in a new bottle of wine with new love notes. We don't know, after all, how long our cheap wine will stay good. Then every five years, we repeat the process. This omission was our fault -- oops.

Update June 18, 2012: We also noticed during the ceremony that Ray seemed to skip the actual "vows." We never actually said "I do" as a result. We're unsure if any other parts of the provided ceremony were skipped. For those interested, the vows should have read as follows:


Jana and Matt, we are here to celebrate as you begin this journey together. It is in this spirit that you have come here today to exchange these vows.

(Matthew/Jana), do you take this woman/man to be your wedded wife/husband, to live together in marriage? (I do) Will you love her/him, comfort her/ him, and honor her/him, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy forevermore? (I will)


We're speculating that the pages stuck together because of the rain. Perhaps we will one day do a "vow renewal" during which we'll actually say "I do."

Picture of us